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C&R 12/22/19

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When I fished for the first time on Missouri this year back in March, I fished Bennett Springs. That trip was on the back end of Jigfest. The temperature was in the 20's. I caught seven fish on the 3rd and 20+ fish on the 4th. Hardly anyone was out. Well it's the 22nd of Dec and I am back in Missouri for work then the holidays with family. Again I am fishing Bennett Springs. This time during the C&R season. Again very few folks fishing. Big difference was the weather. Today was sunny and warm for December. Water was running clear. Lots of fish were stacked up in the usual places. I did get to the park later than I hoped and it was close to 9:30 before I started fishing.

I started with a John deere microjig. Though I had a few trout chase on each cast, it took a few casts to hook and land my first rainbow. I soon caught another before moving to a spot where I could access some deeper water. I did catch a few obligatory Ozark sculpin from the rip rap. Did my daughter proud with this guy.


In case you are ever down at the park and see a guy fishing like this guy (photo from a few weeks ago with a fellow OAFer), they are likely catching sculpin :D!


 I do wish that I brought a net. I had to find shallow spots to bank larger fish. Caught this guy on a 1/32 oz tri-olive Zig jig.


I fished spots from close to the spring down to the confluence of the Niangua. Only for about five and a half hours. I caught two dozen rainbows ranging from about 10 inches to about 17 inches. Most were caught on the John Deere and the 1/32 oz tri-olive Zig jig. Only caught a half dozen sculpin and a single striped shiner. All in all a good book end for my trips to Missouri this year.

I hope that all OAF members have tight lines. I wish you all a Happy Holidays!

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