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The Dumping as Begun

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They opened up Beaver Dam and increased Table Rock's outflow today.  They're really dropping Beaver too... be interesting how fast it'll get down to power pool.  Dropped .2 feet in 8 hours.

They increased flow at Taneycomo from 2 to 3 units steady.  This will all delay Bull Shoals drop.  I read where they've forecasted the gates will be shut there January 4th.

I'm really glad to see they're getting serious about moving some water through although I was liking the 1-2 units here on Taney.

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11 hours ago, MickinMO said:

If they would get Beaver below 1120 and Table Rock around 913 before March I might take back some things I have said about the Corps recent water control policy. Maybe.

The management of the White River is a quite complicated undertaking. A lot more complicated than just dumping water from one lake in Arkansas or Missouri into another. It deals with handling water from the headwaters, and tributaries of Beaver Lake, through the White River chain of lakes, through Arkansas, and even the Mississippi river from the confluence with the White all the way to the delta. What they do in Missouri and Arkansas has an effect all the way through, and what is happening as far away as New Orleans can have an effect on what they can do in Missouri.

I don't envy their task one bit.

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Add in SWPA and power generation agreements, a congressionally authorized management plan, congress men who like to get involved, and thousands of members of the recreating public who will complain if it rains during their vacation.  

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