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Big M- 1.4.20

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Beautiful morning- a little breezy but manageable.

On the water at 7.15 or so, finished up at about 12.  WT was 48-40 when we started. Saw some 50’s when we left.

6 fish- decent quality today.  1 LM, 1 Smallie, and some spots.


Saw some fish around shad in back of Viney- not a ton but we stopped and gave it a try.  Got one one chunky spot a swim bait there.  Couldn’t get anything else to bite so moved on pretty quickly.  

Found a main lake chunk rock bank and combed through it with the ned and some swim baits.  Disclaimer- I am not a ned guy and before today I had zero confidence in it despite some efforts.  But I stuck to it and it paid off.  One stretched produced 5 fish including a decent LM and a nice smallie.  Fish were in 20 feet give or take.  

Saw a bald eagle on the way back to the ramp.  Overall, the 2020 fishing season is off to a solid start.  




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Great start! If I was marooned on a Island and could only have one bait, it would be the ned rig! They eat that bait 12 months a year! Not the most entertaining method that I like to use, but day in and day out it's hard to beat. I do miss hearing from our good friend Dave who helped make this lure famous!

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