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The recent story above about an eagle that was found in our local area with lead poisoning had a great impact on me. 

 I always knew that lead had the potential to be dangerous to the environment. You always hear about how lead-free tackle is very beneficial in protecting the loon birds up North, but I never realized how much it affects the wildlife across the whole U.S.

I'm not against lead based tackle. In fact, I personally purchase and fish with a lot of lead jigs. I just wanted to let everybody know that there are alternatives available. 

I have one of the largest variations of Ned Rigs and finesse jigs available at https://jadesjigs.com/

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It is very challenging being competitive in a lead-based market. However, knowing that I may be making a small impact on protecting the precious resources that we have been given the responsibility to care for - motivates me to continue making lead-free jigs. Thank you for all of the support!


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Thank you for all of the wonderful support Mr. Lilley.  I have learned so much from all of your insightful posts and videos.  One of the greatest things about starting this venture has been having the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow fisherman across the country.  


I use a bismuth and tin alloy.  The bismuth is beneficial because it has a density close to lead; however, it is soft and expands when cooled which makes it difficult to cast. The bismuth / tin alloy is about 15%-20% more expensive than lead. The tin is added as a hardener.  This alloy also melts at a lower temperature which can make powder painting and curing difficult.  The alloy is approximately 20% lighter than lead.    I think this is definitely beneficial in finesse jigs because you can keep a larger size head that pairs with baits well yet maintain a slow fall rate.  


Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions, or if you have any suggestions for me.  Anybody can call, txt, or email also if they have any questions and I will return any messages as soon as I can.  


Thank you!

Joey Doza

(417) 841-7997


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