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Snaggin' Rod Mounts

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Anyone have any recommendations for a commercial off the shelf snaggin' rod mount that can go in a pedestal?  I have one I use for trolling whites, crappie and walleye...just been a bit shy of using it for snaggin'. I don't think it will hold up something big gets on it. I was going to make one out of lumber but I don't really want it to be real heavy.  I'm starting to get where I don't care to hold the rods when snaggin' with the boat moving.

Any ideas would be great.

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Excellent. I make my own dipsy divers out of PVC, eye bolts and weights.  I'll drag them at about 4 mph.  I have rod mounts on my boat but they are the plastic kind...I've broke a few over the years. I know they aren't going to hold up snagging. I also have a driftmaster spider rig I use in the back. I'm worried it might break as well.  But I'm going to be willing to try it this season if I can't find one someone has used and recommends.

I'm starting to get cabin fever.... I'm ready for the season to start.

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Thanks Seth. I'm going to probably use the pedestal and mount it in there and tie it off on the cleats on the boat. The size is what i was more interested in. It wouldn't make sense to buy something that is going to break if I get hung up on something.

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