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Striper growth rates

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Gist of an email sent to me today:

District 1 Fisheries Staff aged the Beaver Lake Striped Bass population in 2018 and found that Striped Bass are growing very fast. Biologists can age fish using an otolith; a calcified structure found in a sack of fluid under the fishes' brain. This structure helps in balance and sensing vibrations in water. The structure has annual growth rings similar to those used to age a tree. Beaver Lake Striped Bass grow very fast and reach 28 inches in 4 years. This growth rate is among the fastest in the country. The many high water events experienced on Beaver Lake have led to very good forage populations and the Striped Bass are responding very well. A trophy Striped Bass may be waiting for you in Beaver Lake!! Get out there and enjoy some great fishing.

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