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Will S.

SOLD. Lowrance Elite 7 HDI $250

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HDI Technology
The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI has the benefit of two imaging systems. It features the Hybrid Dual Imaging that gives you in addition to high resolution DownScan Imaging the BroadBand sounder. So you can view both the bottom under the boat and fish structure and arches

Includes unit, (larger) transducer, mount, snap on cover & Navionics HotMaps Premium South micro ship & adapter (already installed) (plus a 12 volt fused ac adapter to verify it works) Built in internal GPS antenna.

*Bought used in Omaha Nebraska in October for a boat which I am no longer going to buy.









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"for a boat which I am no longer going to buy"... I had a medical issue over the winter. No longer will be getting a boat and do not need this unit.

Do y'all agree with my price ? Too high ? (Lowered price Jan 19. 7am)

 I figured  The used unit @ $175   The used transducer @ $75   the used Navionics chip @ $50

I can not sell separate.

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27 minutes ago, CarpSlayer said:

Would you be interested in trading for fishing tackle?

No thank you. I will probably be selling off my tackle soon as well..

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