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That was a grind

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Just getting to this...  Got started about 11:30am Friday...   Water clarity was a  little dingy and 42-43 WT...  The wind seemed to be more than 5-10mph.  More like 10-15mph and a day where precision, boat control was a must to get bit it made for challenge.

Marked fish motoring and scanning close to the bottom in 20 feet of water.   I started putting baits down 15-16 feet down to see if they gonna come up or not.  Gave that several minutes and knew right then they ain’t active to chasing.  They gonna want it on their nose and very slow.

So went 17-19 feet down in 20 fow and got bit right then back to back..  Right on edge of a hump.  So I slowly work that edge and kept getting bit.  

The challenge was staying on that edge.  The wind would swirl and blow me off every time I caught a fish or had to bait up again.   Basically every time I had my hand off the remote...  Made for a long tiring effort...  

They seemed to really be concentrated on the edge of a hump and where the channel meet...  Must of been pulling water or something but that’s where I caught most of my limit.  

Boy felt the efforts the next morning after this.   Was physically and mentally drain afterwards.  

Pics below..  God bless and good fishing- Lance 



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