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MDC Blue Ribbon Trout Slam

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I am still on the MDC email list and received this notification of a new Blue Ribbon trout slam.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Trout Unlimited encourage anglers to test their fishing skills and pursue a “Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam” from Missouri’s nine blue-ribbon trout streams.

“Missouri’s blue-ribbon trout streams are areas in the state where trout reproduce naturally,” explained MDC Fisheries Programs Specialist Andrew Branson. “The fish are wary of predators, which makes for an authentic and challenging experience for anglers.”


The Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam honors anglers who catch a trout in at least 5 of MDC’s 9 blue-ribbon trout streams:

  • Barren Fork Creek in Shannon County
  • Blue Springs Creek in Crawford County
  • Crane Creek in Lawrence County
  • Current River in Dent County
  • Eleven Point River in Oregon County
  • Little Piney Creek in Phelps County
  • Mill Creek in Phelps County
  • North Fork of the White River in Ozark County
  • Spring Creek in Phelps County


The Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam is divided into three levels:

  • Bronze: Catch a trout from 5 of the 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and receive a certificate and bronze pin.
  • Silver: Catch a trout from 7 of the 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and receive a certificate and silver pin.
  • Gold: Catch a trout from all 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and received a certificate, gold pin, and medallion.

All pins and medallions awarded to participants have been provided by Trout Unlimited.

Anglers need to possess a trout permit if they want to keep their trout. Trout of any size will qualify for the Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam, but trout under 18 inches must be released.

Anglers can complete a Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam entry form each time they catch a trout. They may also submit a picture of their trout if they wish, but it is not required.

Once participants accomplish one of the three Trout-Slam levels, MDC will verify their submissions and mail them their award. Additionally, anglers can have their successes listed on the MDC website.

“This Trout Slam is a great new program that will encourage anglers to get outside and discover nature throughout the year,” said Branson.


I have already done this and probably won't be back in MO enough to repeat this slam. I hope that some folks on here get the itch to visit and catch trout from these waters. There is a big difference in how they fish. Here's a few photos of fish from my trips in the past.

Barren Fork Creek rainbow - gold ribbed hare's ear nymph under a indicator. Toughest thing about this trip was getting to and from the spots that I wanted to fish. Lots of hiking down and back up from the creek.

Barren fork trout 14Jun14.JPG

Blue springs - no photo this was the hardest creek to fish due to its size, many blow down trees in the best looking holes, and spooky trout. Landed only one trout on a 1/64 oz white marabou jig.

Crane Creek - Had to fish this one twice before landing my first trout. Have since caught trout most times that I fish the creek. I have always fished the upper wire road section. I have also caught grass pickerel on two occasions during Feb trips but didn't get any photos. Photo is my PB a 15 inch male caught on a weighted glo ball.

Big Male Crane Crk rainbow (2) 28Feb16.JPG

Current River - My favorite trout river in the state. Usually target brown trout with big streamers and jerkbaits. My PB brown ( 23.75" - 5 lbs 4 oz) and rainbow (22" - 4 lbs 5 oz) trout both came from this river.

Brown Trout (1) - Current River - 06Aug16.JPG

Eleven Point - Caught my first rainbow below the bridge at the Greer access. Tough to fish from foot due to limited access and thick weed growth along river edges. Have fished it a few times from a boat and has a lot of variety of fish like chain pickerel and shadow bass as well as trout.

11PT Rainbow.JPG

Little Piney - no Photo - I caught my first confirmed stream bred fish (about 4 to 5" in length) in the upper section of the creek with a #14 tan scud.

Mill Creek -  I have only fished this creek a few times. Photo is one of the first rainbows that I caught there. The largest trout that I ever encountered there was 20+" and I rolled it with on a cicada fly during the 13 and 17 yr periodical hatch. That fish haunts me.

Dad's Mill creek rainbow 18Feb12.JPG

North Fork of the White river - Caught my first rainbows while fishing with my wife and youngest daughter and using a canoe from Sunburst. Sorry about the extended mouth on this guy. Caught him on black and olive 1/16 oz marabou jig. Also caught my first knobfin sculpin on that trip as well :). The next day I caught my first brown trout from that river in the red ribbons section below the Patrick bridge.

N Fork Blue ribbon rainbow (3) - 01Oct15.JPG

N Fork Red ribbon brown (1) - 01Oct15.JPG

Spring Creek - Fished in Oct and caught feisty rainbows with 1/32 oz white marabou jigs.

Spring Creek Rainbow 15Oct14.JPG


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@JestersHK I'd love to see you give it a try buddy. The pins and medallions look pretty cool. Might be able to knock out five in a weekend. Hit the 11 pt early then Barren Fork and Current. Next day Mill creek and Little Piney. Maybe even get Spring creek before Mill creek. Lots of miles but Just saying 😀.

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7 minutes ago, Al Agnew said:

I'm up to seven of them...only two I haven't caught a trout (or fished) are Barren Fork and Spring Creek.

I hit them years ago.  You have to sneak up on them.  But they are special.

I spent some time in KY years ago.  They had a little stream that was put and take trout during a certain time, it ran out of Fort Campbell.  Not much flow, steep muddy banks.  You could hear far off explosions and about an hour later, the stream muddied up.  Shell practice upstream.

TN has the same thing, small streams, put and take during the winter months.  Fished around Loretta Lynn's place.  Pretty little creek but trout limited to access areas, the stockers did not go far to dump the load.

At least MDC tiny streams sustain a few trout.  The Ozark springs keep them cold all year.

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