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Plowing corn rows

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Didn’t have high expectations this weekend fishing but it beats sitting around the house wishing I was fishing....   Just went on past experience fishing in the mud.  Figure they would be much higher in the column than what they have been.  That seemed to hold somewhat true..  Also from past experience fishing other lakes is go to where the fresh water is coming in...  That seemed to hold too...  The bite was difficult.  A lot of short strikes and fish caught just seem to suck on a minnow enough to get a hook in their mouth...  Out of the 12 fish caught this weekend only one was caught deep at 16ft in 18fow.   The rest were 6-8 feet down in 13 fow.   Just never could get on a consistent pattern.   Bites were many minutes between.   Was adjusting baits up and down constantly by what’s on the graph.  

  More rain tomorrow and several days next week .  No hope of it settling anytime soon

God bless and good fishing Lance


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