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Ryan Miloshewski

Favorite Movie Quote?

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"When we get home I'm gonna punch your Momma right in the mouth". " But Daddy".. "Get in the car Jr."




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5 minutes ago, jdmidwest said:

The Griswalds family, classic Chevy Chase.  "Daddy says I am the best French Kisser.... "  Eddie's side of the family was priceless.  Christmas Vacation is on the DVR along with Fletch.

Absolute classic lol. "Daddy says I'm the best" *cut scene* 

Harold Remis/John Hughes genius comedy 

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Ok watched one of the original buddy cop movies that doesn't get much attention. Couple of lines from that movie.

I figured out this fish. He swims then he jumps. He swims and he jumps.

Ooohh Noo! He missed the bible question cuz he didn't know what Deuteronomy was.

Mother can I have more petite marshmallows in my hot cocoa!?!

One guy! One guy! You're going to give millions of dollars to one guy! Where's his @$$hole partner?!?


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