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No Wonder They looked At Me Like I Was Stupid

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My normal routine is taking care of my Dogs first thing in the morning.

This morning I get up asked my wife when I had to go in for Blood and Urine work? Oh we can go anytime. I asked her what time it was? I heard 5:30.

I thought it strange the Dogs were not out of Bed but I hollered for them and the came. I got dressed told my wife I was ready. She says it is awful early but ok. Come to find out I didn't hear her correcting herself saying it was 4:30. If I had heard this I would have went back to Bed but I was dressed, lets go! They didn't get to me until 6:00.

They just called I have to go back in later for a Scan.

Son came by yesterday telling me I might as well sell him my Pickup because I can't legally drive. Told him to change Oil in it and shut up.

My wife drives me most of the time.


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