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Turn and Burn trip report

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I got a wild hair up my butt at work today and decided I'm going to do a turn and burn trip.  Leaving here in a minute to come down and fish through tonight into the awesome weather expected tomorrow.  I'll try to keep some pics coming in tonight.  Hope I can get into some nice ones.  If anyone happens to be down and wants to come fish just shoot me a pm and I'll send ya my number.

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Kev caught all his on the jerk bait. All mine came on a sculpin 3/32 jig n orange head.

Got a bit chilly and we're fighting the ice.  Taking a break to thaw out.

We had one fish at 18in male that's been the best so far.  Kev has 4 or 5 and I'm at 9 or 10... We're working for them tonight for sure.

All of his have been solid chunky bows with good shoulders on them.  I'm hitting more dinks on the jig.




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You've probably all seen the movie Fury.  They give the new tank crewman the nickname the Machine.  DJ, you should change your moniker to the Machine as you are a fishing machine!

Nice fish, hope you whack some more!

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So back home already... Had dinner plans this evening and knew it was a short trip but man never enough hours to spend at Taney...

Fishing was just ok for me in the 12 hours we were there.  Not bad not great just average with average fish with an average catch rate during the night hours.  Kev had better luck and caught some really solid bows.  His luck continued into the morning as well...

Got to stop in and chat with Phil and his crew so that's always a bonus for me.  Hope you guys survived what shared to be a busy day and every parking spot was full there. Thanks again Duane 😉

Once the sun was fully up the jerk bait and jig bite died off. I did actually catch a trip during daylight hours while wading... :) I then got the fly rods out and we fished the seems down past the last outlet and cable by the grass flats.  I immediately hooked a rainbow while showing Kevin the ropes on how to drift his head head midge and scud combo under a float.

It wasn't but a few drifts later for him and he hooked a beautiful bow which is his first trout on a fly rod.

Overall had a great time.  Looking forward to sleeping though... Getting old makes these fun times harder and harder to do lol

Here's a few pics.  I reminded Kev to smile this time lol. I also attribute his success to wearing my patented red hoodie...





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