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MO Transition Complete!! Now the real learning can begin!

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Here's my take:  If it were my boat, I'd use marine ply because I'd only want to do the replacement once.  While ACX might work, it has its problems for marine use.  You only have to search for Lund boats and transom issues to see that. That same search probably will indicate why you MUST seal the decking, whatever you use.  If you want the plywood to work long term, all sides should be sealed with extra emphasis on the edges.  

Epoxy is more expensive than other sealants, but it is waterproof, while other fiberglass resins are not, or so I'm told.  There are boat-building sites that can link to epoxy sales. I like www.bateau2.com as the forum there is extremely helpful; it's a good place to ask questions and do research. RAKA and US Composites also sell epoxy as does Duckworks.  

Another issue with fir or pine plywood--and this includes marine ply as well as ACX and BCX-- is that even when sealed with epoxy, the surface will check after a year or so. There folks at Bateau recommend covering fir ply with a lightweight fiberglass cloth. I would think that using a bed liner material might be less trouble and just as effective, but I'm shooting from the hip on that.  

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3 hours ago, DADAKOTA said:

What is this "old timers formula"?  I have a deck to replace as well.

1 part BLO, 1 part Spar Urethane, 1 part mineral spirits. There are variations to the recipe, but that's the gist of it.

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WOW!!!  As usual, this group continues to impress!!!   

West Marine doesn't work on Honda outboards, but LSK does!!!!  Will be taking the boat over next weekend to get in the queue for repair (sounds like about a two week line)

Everharts ....still haven't gone by... but will soon, it's right across the street from where I"m working in Clinton.  

Didn't get a chance to call Hermitage Lumber to see if they can order in marine grade plywood, but will do so shortly.

As for sealer.... have been looking at West Marine's West System Epoxy Resin system: 



MOPanfisher, oneshot, and Ranger520vx...... you info has been a big help over the years when I was just visiting over here, sure i'll be hitting you all up frequently now that I"m living here.  

Need to learn about Spring Walleye, as it's not a species I"ve ever targeted.  Caught a few as incidental catch.  Know they have to be over 15" to keep em.  I have trolled around the humps on Pomme at Martian Flats, but never picked one up there.


Also am very interested in findin " from the shore" placed to fish near Clinton.  With the "longer days" now, would like to be able to get off work @ 4:30 and get to a fishing hole quickly, without having to drive all the way home to Galmey to get my boat, so i can enjoy a few hours of fishing on week days, and then be hitting em with the boat on weekends.   My drive home goes from Clinton, south on 13 till Collins, the east on 54 to AA then over to Hwy 83 to 254 then into Galmey.  Allthough for some good after work fishing I'd have no problem taking 7 east out of Clinton over to Warsaw.  Seems like there should be a few honey holes, fishable by shore on either way.


Thanks again for all the great advice.  I'll let you all know how things turn out and post some before/after pics of the deck project and boat overhaul.  


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When we do fish for Walleye we do best trolling crank baits that will dive around 12-15 ft. an long flat points or big flats and following the break lines right around 15 ft deep. Never claimed to be good at catching them but we usually catch a few.

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