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Crappie 3/6/20

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Got started yesterday about 11:30...  WT got up to 51 and clarity was pea green...  Wanted to fish a new areas that I know holds fish that just haven’t been bothered...  But when the wind and boat waves keep bouncing my tin can around it can get frustrating...  So pulled out and trailed elsewhere...

Launched again at 2 and got started back at it at 2:30...  Found them right off the bat but they weren’t ready to eat yet...  Said to myself I’ll come back to them at 4:30...  So moved to go find other fish...  Found them deeper at like 19 fow about 15-16 feet down but they were just little keepers and shorts...  Stayed at it with them until 4:30 then went back to those earlier fish marked...  Put myself in 10-12 fow and 8-10 and bam the madness started and it got better and better as it darker...  

Fished until I couldn’t see my rod tips anymore...   They were hitting still as I pulled up...  Just kept 10 slabs...  

God bless and good fishing Lance




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Thought of you Lance as I drove over yesterday with Marsha to see the grandkids in Cave Springs... just got back.  Just an over night.

Someday I'll have to pull the boat over and take them out on Beaver, a lake I've been on twice.  Once for stripers in the mid 90's and once a few years back chasing whites and walleye.

With the kids probably growing up there, I'll have to learn a little bit about the lake.  May be the son-in-law will buy a boat and get a head start on me.

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