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Kim City - Mar 17th - underspin & swimbait

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The fishing has been pretty good when the weather cooperates. I fished this morning with an underspin and 3" SB. The areas I targeted had a good combination of trees and shad. The fish were feeding on shad and the shad can be found from 3 to 45 FOW and utilize the entire water column. Had about 12 to 15 keepers with a good mix of all three species. Today, the shallow fish (3 to 8 ft) were tough to catch and I only targeted that depth when I seen them bugging shad on the surface. I tried SQ bill, spinnerbait, jerkbait, and a few other lures but just caught a few in the 3 to 8 ft range. The underspin and SB worked good in 12 to 40 FOW. I wasted a lot of time this morning experimenting with different baits. The LM pic (6.3#) was caught in 12 FOW on an underspin and was relating to a bunch of shad. The shad kill is still going on but it normally takes a bus load of shad to see it (included a graph pic showing bus load). WT about 48.5








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The rain last night changed the deep bite to more of a shallow bite. A lot of the shad vanished but some were still around. This morning I stayed with the underspin and just fished it between 8 and 20 FOW and the 12ft range provided most of the bites. All of the bass in the attached pictures were caught in 12ft and were relating to cedars. With bright sun and no wind I threw the underspin vs a jerkbait and it worked out Ok. One LM weighed 5# and I did not weigh the other one. The SM weighed 4.1#. The water is in the bushes and the shallow bite is probably great in some areas. WT bumped up to 49.5. My 1st stop did not have any visible deep fish, the 2nd stop was consumed with gizzard shad, the 3rd stop I finally figured out the 12ft deal, and the 4th stop produced a few good fish.




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