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Shell Knob 3/18/20

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I had the opportunity to make a day trip yesterday.  The lake was in beautiful condition, and the fish cooperated for me most of the day.  

WT: 49-51

Areas:  Main lake points with mix of gravel and rock (4-18 feet), boat in 20-30 feet.

Baits:  3/16 Dirty Jig Guppyhead and 2.8 Keitech (Electric Shad and Pro Blue Red Shad)

This was the only bait that played all day.  Tried a jerkbait when the wind came up, but the fish preferred the swimbait.  Overall, the fishing was good for my first time on the water this year.  I was simply casting, letting it fall 2-4 seconds, and a slow constant retrieve.  The bait would "tick" or simply "load" the rod up.  Fish were all really healthy and they are feeding up preparing to spawn in the next few weeks.  However, I think the cold front will pull them back over the next few days.  I ended up with the trifecta (Spotted, Largemouth, and Smallmouth).  Of the 20 fish I caught, about half were solid keepers.  

On another note, stay safe and be smart.  All this will pass soon, and I look forward to fishing with you all again.  


SP Bass 2020.jpg

SM Bass 2020.jpg

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Thanks Dave, great report.  Spoke to McClelland this morning and he has been out a couple of times since getting home from Tejas.  Said he has been trying to catch  them on a McStick, but his wife Stacy is killing him from the back of the boat with a small swim bait so when in Rome?

He was also going out this morning to fish run off in the backs of the creeks and coves in the mud, so he was going to call if he caught any good ones.  Said the ramp at Old 86 was closed due to high water.

Good Luck

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