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 All parks have closed offices, nature centers etc til April 30 (even the big park near me that has no such facilities)


Missouri state parks remain open, temporarily closing visitor centers and park or site offices to walk-in foot traffic - effective Friday, March 20

Missouri state parks remain open to the public including all day-use areas, lodging, campgrounds, boat ramps and trails. Missouri State Parks staff will be available on-site or by phone to answer questions. Signs posted on doors will direct visitors to restrooms and other services, and provide a phone number for visitors to contact staff.


As of 3/23/20, all playgrounds are temporarily closed as a precaution to protect against the spread of COVID-19.


Bennett Spring State Park

The following areas are temporarily closed  to help protect the public amid ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns:

-- nature center through April 30 (this includes the exhibits)
-- playgrounds
-- concessionaire operated food service is to-go and take-out only with a limited menu

 The rest of the park remains open under normal on-season operations.

The team is closely monitoring the progression of COVID-19 and its effects in Missouri. While safety, stewardship and service are all very important to Missouri State Parks, safety is the top priority. You may find more information on our website at https://mostateparks.com/response 


Montauk State Park

To help protect the public amid ongoing COVID-19 concerns, concessionaire lodging, retail and restaurant operations at Montauk State Park are temporarily closed beginning March 23.  Trout tags will continue to be sold at the lodge with vending services. 

RRSP has closed campgrounds 2&3 due to flooding.

Other than Montauk I found no mention of lodging or stores closed and no other mention of tags or fishing being  closed.  Still I doubt I'll be going to any of the parks  because even when the flooding is over there likely going to be unusual numbers of users and at best the bath rooms are too few and not well maintained. Damp confined areas ideal for germs to hang out and droplets can hang in air for seconds to hours.

The people that don't have symptoms but carry and spread the virus and all those that flat out deny the seriousness of it are dangerous enough that I see no reason to take the risk for fish I won't eat anyway.  If the floods ever go down I'll work on the native fish.  Anglers living in Italy posting on international forums say they aren't fishing much because any accident may not get treatment right away due to medical personnel and facilities being overwhelmed with flu victims.

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5 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

I think they'll still stock the park.  It costs more to keep on feeding them in the hatchery raceways.

Probably sell them to grocery stores to help the food crisis

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Hunter S. Thompson

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