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Shell Knob 3/29 - 3/30

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Fished all day Sunday and just an hour of so this evening before the rain from Big Creek to Shell Knob.  I was discouraged by the water color but it didn't seem to hurt the bite, just needed to do some adjusting from my usual routine.

Caught them on the old bank line in front of the bushes 9'-15'.  the wind was your friend and did the best on a rock crawler, spinner bait and chatter bait.

Spinner bait and chatter bait usually aren't my thing, as i would rather creep a swim bait out deep but boy was it fun! 

Most everything i fished was larger pockets leading into spawning coves or the first 100 yard stretch leading into larger creek arms.  These fish were just all about to burst, any buck brush sticking out a bit further than the rest were a great target.







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196, nice day for sure. Active fish. 

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On 4/1/2020 at 1:12 AM, dtrs5kprs said:

Well, well. How you doing T?

Thanks my brothers.   I read lots but just keep my beak shut as no info to share...been eyeballing a different boat even though I will shed a tear or two if Skeeter goes away.  A little small for the grand kids.  Hope you all are well and healthy!


Apology to OP if high-jacked post a little.

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