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First trip in the new Rig- Big M 4/2

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Well, after a lot of good years and great fishing out of my Lowe Roughneck (for sale- great boat!  Check out my post in the Buy/Sell Forum!!!)  I finally got to upgrade to a larger fishing platform.  Brought home a 2003 Ranger 185vs with a 150 HP Mercury XR6.  First trip out was a success from a boat standpoint but not so much from a fishing perspective.

We got on the (high) water at Big M at 6:35.  Courtesy dock is all jacked up and sideways out in the water.  WT was 56ish everywhere we went with more stain as you go down lake and more clear up the river.  I thought we would have a spinner bait bonanza today with the wind but we just had a tough time getting bit.  We ran all kinds of buck brush that I would have bet money had fish in front of it and just struggled.  Had to be back for some work calls by 12:30 so we were off the water at 11.  Man, was the wind blowing.  Ended the day with 1 spot on a fluke in front of some brush.  Couple of dinks didn't quite make it all the way into the Ranger but did hit on a Rock Crawler.  Not a great report but I really just wanted to show off the new rig.    



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