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Crappie have been biting pretty well.  Just outside of spawning banks.  Probably 4-8 fow and 1-4 feet down.  Swimming minnows and jigs/corks.  Lake 6, and 38, but the others are probably working.  

 Looks like the county is closing parks.  I wonder if busch is going to close too? It was open as of last Tuesday.  Carondalet park is still open.  Been catching a few bass there most days. 

I'm headed to terre du lac to hunker down.  I'll be fishing the lakes there and the upper big now.  Crappie are biting in those lakes as well.  


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7 minutes ago, plawren53202 said:

I fished there on Sunday.  Definitely still open, it was packed.  People everywhere, and I fished from 6:30-11.  Bummer bc I don't ever do well there (bass) because I think it's overfished to begin with.  Definitely stayed true to form on Sunday.

I'm assuming no boats out?

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Went to busch yesterday.  Man there was lots of people there, so much for social distancing.  Anyway, found some privacy at a few of the smaller lakes.  Crappie were biting ok swimming jigs and under a cork a few feet.  caught maybe 20 or so with a few bass and bluegills too.  All dinks.  Slower fishing than I expected. 

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I almost never fish Bush. I find it very unproductive for anything of size, or at all in most cases. You would think with the number of lakes and the amount of shoreline people would spread out more. I guess it's to hard to walk the extra 50 feet.



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