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Sunday crappie 4/5/20

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Got started about 11 Sunday and fished to about 4:30.  Spot one was 58 degrees water temp and more on the clear side than stained clarity.  Was catching fish constantly in about 14 fow and 10 feet down but not many the right size.  Gave it about an hour with 7 fish in the box and decided to head to spot 2.

Water had a little more color to it and was also 58 degrees.  Put my boat there too in 14 foot of water and could tell that fish were just off the bottom.  Put a couple lines down to 12 and bam right away it was on.  SOW after SOW...  Made one pass on about a 30 yard stretch of bank and picked up 6.   Flipped it around and let the wind push me out a little deeper to not disturb anything for the next pass.  That pass wasn’t as good.  One was moving faster like .5 to .7 and boat waves had the poles pogoing.  Just mainly used it to bait up again and let the waves settle...  As I got back to the start to flip it around had 2 poles go down and that fished out the limit.  

Hung around a little more and culled a few and then headed to the house

Minnow rigging 14 fow, 10-12 feet down.  Moving .1-.3 mph was the pattern

God bless and good fishing Lance 




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