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covid 19 and floating

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Campgrounds on the river open? Turner and Greer?  I realize the water is still a little high, but can't think of a safer place to stay isolated  than on a gravel bar. Guessing the canoe rentals are shut down??Wonder if I can get a shuttle with my canoe?? Is Brian renting cottaqes? Anxious to get back to normal.

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I am not currently renting my cottages out due to the virus.  Please consider when you visit, you may be bringing the virus unknowingly.  We have our 1st confirmed case.  People have been packing in p

The lawmen in my area are operating NOW like they should always operate, and that is.....If nobody is calling in making complaints about what you're doing, then they are leaving you alone.    The

I will be opening the cottages when I see medical professionals saying it is time.  Hoping mid May or first of June.  There will probably be policy and procedure changes based on CDC advisories.  I wi

Iron county is the same as Shannon County. Don't know about the other surrounding counties.  There are certainly some questionable "laws" being set by low level government entities.  If these are enforced is another matter.  It will be interesting to see the final court cases if they are enforced.

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Current and Jacks Fork are closed to gravel bar camping, but I don't know about Eleven Point, since it's administered by the Forest Service and not the Park Service like Current.  Not sure what the reasoning is; I can understand closing campgrounds, but why gravel bar camping?  Pretty sure Brian is closed down, especially the cottages.

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