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OA One bass tournament (Virtual version)

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Thought a little more on the number thing, what I'll do is let the 3 Judges decide on that as part of the rules.  But if they add it to the rules, they will be responsible for publishing the numbers.  They will be responsible for naming the winner so it makes sense to let them decide on any additional qualifications they might want to add.

Still need 2 more judges, first come, first served.

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3 hours ago, Quillback said:

I don't have one of these boards myself so can't vouch for them as far as durability, but it is one I found doing a search.  Plenty of positive reviews.


I like it. It's on the way. 👍 

Are we just going to add the pics to this thread?  If so then everyone involved can act as judges.   

I don't forsee there being any drama.  

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