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Kim City - April 30 - underspin/swimbait

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The past two mornings have been very different weather wise but still very productive. Yesterday morning I caught them in a wind blown gravel spawning cove and this morning I fished with no wind in a deep (ledge rock) spawning pocket. Today I had about 30 keepers on the underspin (1/4 and 3/8) and the key each morning has been abundant shad. Some of the shad each morning have been scattered in the 15'-25' range but each morning I also found shad extremely thick in shallow water (3'-10').  Both mornings the fish & bait have been grouped up in a very small section of the cove or pocket, so I idle around to eliminate 90% of the area and sometimes I eliminate 100% and run to the next cove. WT 60-61.







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Wow, really nice fish.  This time of the year that takes patients to look for them instead of just pulling up on a windy bank and just chunking.

Mike McClelland called me yesterday and said he and his wife had the best day on the Rock that he has had in years.  Said they easy had close to 50 keepers, biggest at 3.5 in most all wind facing pockets.  Said they were chasing like crazy but he could not get them to hit on top.  They totally ate a McStick and a 2.8 inch Big Bite swimbait.

Mike's wife Stacy has caught thousands of fish and she commented to him this was the most big keeper size fish she has ever caught in a single day.  They had all 3 with the majority big K's that had not spawned with some really nice Jaws, and said the LM were mainly spawned out, but the jaw's and the K's were clean and still had full bellies of eggs.

I went to Lake O. yesterday with a buddy, as he is fishing the AIA this weekend and our luck was not as good.

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