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Watercraft for Huzzah and Courtois creeks

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Here’s a first attempt with my GoPro trying to look under a rootwad. If you know the place, this is the big rootwad right at the take out.

You would have to walk every riffle and  a lot of the holes aint very deep. If you like to hike they would be perfect.  

Nope, not didymo.  It's a typical algae for some of the clearer creeks.  See it a lot on upper Black River as well.  It never gets too overgrown.  

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3 hours ago, Gavin said:

No go on that Indian..Fat & slow...I like 17' tandem  canoes, 15' solo canoes...12' SOT Kayaks. Your 12' Pescador is a good boat. My 13 year old daughter loves hers. Uses it like a stand up paddle board mostly.


Fond indeed of my Mad River Legend 15.  Floats in less water than the Pescador and has a lot more room.

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On 6/24/2020 at 6:44 PM, Gavin said:

My 15' solo is a Mad River Slipper. Fiberglass from the mid-1980's. Got it as a gift from my late friend "Bicycle Bill" Brock, He was a fellow Marine and Vietnam Combat Vet. Look up BMF, and there is a picture of Bill. Replaced the wood gunwales on it earlier this year. 

Wait...BMF like Black Mafia Family?

The drug running crew with Big Meech?

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