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April 29-May 10

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Little late to post this, but my dad and I just wrapped up our 35th annual father/son trip. As always it was a blast. The lake is fishing incredible at the moment and they can be caught on darn near anything, on any bank or off a bit, anywhere on the lake, day and night. Our fishing was 50/50 up the James just past Thompson down through Big/Little Aunts and further up the White into Baxter. The wind on some days was a bit gale force, but a little patience and persistence can be rewarding. Most of our fish were on Keitechs, Ned Rigs and Flukes. At night we were tossing Spinnerbaits and salt craws. Want to have a little fun, especially with a little one at night? Pull up to the side of a dock end that has a bright light shining over the water and cast parallel to the doc end with a Keitech. Let it drop 5ft-10ft, reel back as slow as you can and hold on. Whites, Crappie and Bass seemed to pile up on every doc with that scenario and would rip the rod from your hand. Managed to catch a 2.6lb Crappie that measured 17” long, 14” around doing this along with some whites pushing 2.5lb-3lbs. Finished the trip with 60+ keepers, at least that many lost and hundreds of fish caught. Caught a few SM pushing 4lb, same amount of LM and some football spots. Here are a few:














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Excellent. I can promise you that when he reaches my age he will appreciate the fact that you started him at that age on this impoundment. My dad and I talk about it often, how grateful I am that he started me down this path.  Now we have reached the point in the last 10 years that he can just sit back, relax and let me run the trolling motor, guiding the trips. Anymore these days the student has become the teacher and the smile on his face when we go out is all I need. You are doing right by your son and I can guarantee he appreciates it. 

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arsenal, thanks for the great report. The smiles on your faces says it all.


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