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I didn't troll for them this season...I stuck with Crappie on Cole Camp right after the no wake zone ends to enter it. I caught lots of small crappie and some decent channel cats this summer...but absolutely no walleye. Last walleye caught was the 4th of July of 2019 trolling flicker shad literally right on the main channel turning towards the Truman Dam coming out of Cole Camp Creek. I really haven't had much luck over the past years trolling this area. Some of the other locals I guess did decent on the White Bass trolling close to the dam.

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I have been trolling for crappie during July and August when the big boats let me and getting some good ones. I always use four rods with a bracket i have set up in the back of my blazer and usually use 300 series bandits and flicker shads. The bandits catch the most crappie, big and small, but the flicker shads catch all kinds of fish, Some big crappie, bass, white bass and catfish. Also got this walleye on the flicker shad last Friday in between the storms. Went a tad over 7lbs. I usually troll the mid lake area around the 30 and got the walleye along a bluff. While i was bringing it in had a 16" bass on another line. Also had a 14" crappie along that bluff.big walleye.jpg

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