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These are from a couple of days ago. They are starting to do their top water thing. I won't divulge exact spots, but just cruise until you see 8 boats with 5-6 people each in overalls. They have been following my boat since they crowded me at the weir. You might as well just butt in as they have no problem doing it to me or anyone else. As soon as anyone catches a hybrid, they will move to within 20 ft of you and cast lures within 3 ft of your boat. I don't think they are trying to be rude, I think it is just not considered rude in their culture? Better find them quick. The last 2 spots they did this to me at were fished out within a week, only leaving tons of whites in those areas. Pretty sure they show up 8 boats strong almost every evening because everytime I get to go back and fish, they either all show up or already on my waypoints when I get there, lol. I don't let it bother me too much anymore. Just challenges me to find them in another area of the lake and try to hide as long as I can, lol. 

Anyways,  they are definitely biting great right now. Smallest fish in the pic is 7.2 lbs. Biggest was 13.4 lbs. That is a 152qt cooler.


Good luck! 


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Nice fish

That’s the way it is at grand lake for white bass...there’s a few spots in the mid lake area during the summer where everyone knows the fish like to hang out...20 boats at a time sometimes 

Good job

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22 hours ago, Lunker Lane said:

Nice work! Never fished Truman. What's best ramps and areas to fish? Any info would be great, thanks!

All the ramps are great. Locations just vary depending on the time of year and what you are fishing for. Crappie are on the banks everywhere and biting great right now. 

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59 minutes ago, navery said:

Well, I accepted the challenge of finding them elsewhere and luckily succeeded. Completely different end of the lake and they were bruisers. Biggest was 13.2 on the digital scale, smallest was 10.6


                     Totally impressed man. I have missed the good runs on the river last couple of years. I need to find them somewhere soon or go bonkers!

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