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I've gotta get the hell outa dodge

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I need some me time, some river time, some alone time (away from life as i know it) and on the river time!... Only way to do that is buy another boat for Iowa or head down to ma place in AR...
Comin down in June..... IDGA Frig about Covid!!!!!!.... or anything else for that matter right now. I wanna trout fish.. Gonna hit the little creek here in Cedar Rapids and scratch the itch as best as I can.

But I just wanna hug my boat and motor and tell her I'm sorry I been away so long :ouch...it-hurts:Might even butter her up and make amends by adding a trolling motor and some electronics to Crappie fish.

Sorry couch... I didn't forget you.. We'll be together soon!

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Fishing has been great on the White... Some caddis still coming up and today saw quite a few sulphurs. Time to break out the parachute sulphurs in size 16.  They worked good this morning.

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