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I’ve tried a lot of heads and modified a lot of molds trying to come up with a head that I like and have the confidence to use.  The jig head is in its 4th and hopefully final modification.  So far I have caught 25 bass on it.  None have been hooked deep.  All have hooked in the roof of the mouth.  I am using a 4/0 hook that I modified to fit into my football jig mold.


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8 minutes ago, Mitch f said:

Is the bottom of the football flat?

Yes.  I’ve put my hand pours, elaztech. brush hogs, and beavers on them . They all stand up.  3 trips to Stockton and I am still on the same jig.

 I am working on this as a means to avoid deep hooked T rigged and shaky worms.  So far so good.  They are labor intensive but doing the job.

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