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I had an old neighbor that hated squirrels. He had several traps for them. A couple of times a day he would load the traps up in his truck and take them down to the park for release. He did this for months and there were never any less squirrels. 

He had two major flaws in his plan. 1. The park is only maybe a 1/2 mile away. 2. Two houses down I was providing them all the food they wanted. :) (He was pissed when he found that out)

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29 minutes ago, tjm said:

Coons swim.

They can also walk across bridges. I've seen it. :D 

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2 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

He was pissed first thing this morning but when I left for work and took the pic he was just laying there.  His eyes are open.  Release procedure is in flux at this point.:)  Put a big towel over the cage, Use channel locks to hold trap door open and poke with stick if need be.  All while holding a 38 for protection.  I'll let you know later today. 

I was talking to someone here at work and apparently we had a bunch here.  The cleaning lady went to the dumpster to dump trash and one came out for the dumpster and she freaked and fell and broke her wrist.  Cost the company $50K.  Then we paid critter control $2k to get rid of them and they trapped 22 of them.  The guy that caught them said you have drive them 100 miles out or they make their way back.  I'm hoping crossing the Missouri river will do it. 

Cross halfway and use Quillbacks rope suggestion.  Never had one come back after that journey.

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Ok apparently I'm not cut out for this.  I walk back there and he just squats down real quiet like in the picture.  I threw a big blanket over the cage and put him in the truck bed.  I drove to let him loose and when I get him out of the truck and uncover him he has pulled half the blanket into the cage and now he is pissed.  He tore that blanket to shreds.  I put a zip tie on the trap door and ran a rope through it so I could walk away and open it.  He bolted.  I officially am out of the trapping business.  Trap is for sale cheap!!!

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Trappers in your area from the MTA site;

Robbie Page
108 McCulley St.
New Franklin, MO 65274
Daytime Phone: 660-888-2369
Evening Phone: 660-888-2369
Email: trapperpage@hotmail.com

John Robinson
512 South Western St.
Mexico, MO 65265
Daytime Phone: 615-739 -4414
Evening Phone: 615-739-4414
Email: johnypop1962@yahoo.com

Gene Whyte
307 Hensley
Montgomery City, MO 63361
Daytime Phone: 573-590-0665
Evening Phone: 573-590-0665
Vince Jones
190 Navajo Ct.
Elsberry, MO 63343
Daytime Phone: 573-898-5022
Evening Phone: 573-898-5022
Email: tvjonesmtn@yahoo.com

Steve Tatlow
Columbia, MO 65201
Daytime Phone: 573-239-2770
Evening Phone: 573-239-2770
Email: MidMoWildlifeDamage@gmail.com

AJ April
214 Casalon Pkwy Apt. 5
O'Fallon, MO 63366
Daytime Phone: 314-223-6250
Evening Phone: 314-223-6250
Email: Aj_april87@yahoo.com

Joe Green
925 Market St.
Truesdale, MO 63380
Daytime Phone: 636-456-0220
Evening Phone: 636-299-6489
Email: josephgreen1966@gmail.com

Director Carl Cook       
P.O. Box 538  
St. James, MO 65559  
Phone: 573-821-5415

Jeremia Markway
13021 Mt. Carmel Rd.
Eugene, MO 65032
Phone: 573-375-5267
Email:  jeremia.markway@gmail.com

Adam Schapaugh
Lake Chesterfield
Grover, MO 63040
Daytime Phone: 785-317-2571
Evening Phone: 785-317-2571
Email: a.schapaugh@gmail.com

Al Jamison
10046 Arbor Rd.
Sullivan, MO 63080
Daytime Phone: 573-259-3132
Evening Phone: 573-259-3132
Email: restorgn@gmail.com

Michael Morris
11427 brown Rd.
Henley, MO 65040
Daytime Phone: 573-291-9197
Evening Phone: 573-291-9197

Tom Pulliam
207 Jenkins St.
Irondale, MO 63648
Daytime Phone: 573-854-8146
Evening Phone: 573-749-3447
Email: pulliamtom@yahoo.com

Tyler Fields
8689 Snowdell Rd.
French Village, MO 63036
Daytime Phone: 573-631-6043
Evening Phone: 573-631-6043
Email: tfields1392@gmail.com

Zane Hoffman
5 Harbor Drive
St.Clair, MO 63077
Daytime Phone: 636-221-8521
Evening Phone: 636-221-8521
Email: 19zhoffman@gmail.com


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