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Well the first question is, assuming that COVID will still be around this winter, do you guys want to have a Jigfest this year?  Or we could have it but put fewer people in each lodge, say 6 at the most, only drawback to that is it would cost us more and of course we'd still be together for meals. but we could work that out too I think.  

Another potential issue is if the river will be running high like last year.  The Corps manages releases based on the gauge at Newport AR and they don't lower that measure until December 1 - so my bet is they won't be able to run off the water in Bull by then so most likely we'll face high water again.  Of course there is the Norfork too If the White is way up again

So we could change the date to the weekend of November 7, or the prior weekend October 31 to avoid the high water scenario, and those dates are before deer firearms season for those of us that deer hunt.

Or we stick with our usual week after Thanksgiving which would be the weekend of December 5.

Taney is another option, though in the past everyone definitely preferred below Bull.

Seems early to thing about this, but it's 6 months away, not that far.

What do you guys who plan on going think?

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good luck with that!

I will be there.  Somebody has to make sure JestersHK stays in line!   I can bring my little boat if needed.  

I'm still planning on being there. Will be staying at my place in Mtn. Home. Might need more boats this year to ensure proper spacing. Boat Spacing Something Like This: Fisherman - Cooler ful

11 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

I'll go whenever/wherever it is.  Are you suggesting that the earlier dates would likely give us better water?  
If so, then I'd focus on that.

Yes, I THINK that we'll get better water, but that's my best guess.  Someone else may have a better estimate that me.  Weather will most likely be better temperature wise also.  

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Well shoot.... Sounds like I won't be able to attend this year. The only thing I'll be doing between Halloween and the start of rifle season is planting my behind in a tree stand with a bow. Dad and I will be helping the Missouri Disabled Sportsmen group host an antlerless deer hunt in northern MO for youth and mobility impaired hunters on the weekend of December 5th. I'll definitely miss going!

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2 hours ago, Quillback said:

Well the first question is, assuming that COVID will still be around this winter, do you guys want to have a Jigfest this year? 

ummm.... YES! :yarr: Already booked it... for whenever IT is!

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I just saw this post.  The last 3 years have been the second week of december which works great for me because our company christmas party is the first weekend, so I couldnt make it.  Last year the water was high but IMO the fishing is as good as it has ever been.  If possible can we do it any other weekend than the first in december?  I would be fine with thanksgiving weekend even.


As far at the 'Rona...it will be gone after november 3, and it has never really showed up here anyway.

everything in this post is purely opinion and is said to annoy you.

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