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Got to the ramp at seven, popped the boat in and ran to my go to spots.  Took me a while to find them and it took me a while to get up there in the fog.  Kinda slow.  Had 4 on with big head shakes that got off and caught this 18 incher.  Phone rings and rings.  Daughter is broke down just south of Springfield.   Run back, pack it up, drop off boat and go get her.  Drinking a beer and trying to figure out how to deal with that.  


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11 hours ago, Bgctrading said:

What kind of break down?

Her car started running rough and just started slowing down till she pulled over.  It sat for a while until I got up there. Started right up and we drove it to a shop. Never threw a code and they can’t get it to do it again.  We’ll just try and get it home I guess. 

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