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Bill Babler

6-15-20 Brutal Out There This Morning

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We put a couple of good ones in the boat this morning but it was a for sure struggle.

Wow, after this morning I'm about 2 trips away from putting in the application at WalMart for a greeter position.  Becky thinks I would probably be better at that anyway and I wouldn't have to always be getting up a 4 am.

I have to apologize to Sprint as I acted like a know it all the other day when I said just hit any windy gravel point and you'll be OK between Indian Pt. and Kimberling City.  


Perfect morning with a nice gentle 2 inch chop on a ton of gravel when we launched out of Cow at 5:30 this morning.  Zoomed across to the wind blow flat points and started with Mike on the  Surge Shad and  Jake on the Keitech.  Not a sniff the first 3 locations and they all set up perfect.  Had a couple of thumps on the swimbait but nada on the top water.

Next several stops we caught some fish mostly small but did have  six or eight good ones get on, and then off.  We hooked fish in the tail, side of the head dorsal fin and under the jaw on a friggin swim bait with a size 1 hook.  How do you do that?    I'll tell you, they just flat did not want it.  You could see them on the Livescope and they would chase  it up and down and then melt off.  I hooked 2 really nice LM on a Jewel jigging spoon and put both in the boat with a single skin hook in their upper lip that fell out when I grabbed them.  Had two others come off right at the boat.

Mike lost  2 jumping and spitting the bait out and one of them was a Toad.  Of the fish that we put in the boat that were not foul hooked everyone of them came off in the net.  It was just a struggle today after yesterday being so good. and as I had posted they had been eating it really good on wind from point 5  to point 9.

The only fish that were eating it were small mouth about 8 inches long, and we probably caught a dozen of them.

Tough day on the pond for me.

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Sorry Bill! Look at the bright side! Now the rest of don't feel quite as bad knowing that everyone struggles sometime! That's what drives us! If we caught them every time, we would lose interest real quick.

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Just a slight bit or redemption this morning as they bit top water at Shell Knob to pushing 8:30.  Nice chop on the water.  We also caught a bunch on a 2.8 Keitech and I believe 8 on a jerk bait fishing to suspended fish in the tops of pole timber.  Could not get the little swim bait thru it without hanging but the jerker was great, moving it really quickly.

We were not able to fish a drop shot much as the gills were just tearing it up.  No live bait but a Yamamoto shad shape worm and the gills loved it.  Nothing on a jigging spoon either but several on a Dixie Jet.

Only about 6 keepers but close to 30 fish on the morning run.

They are not everywhere so when you find them stay and catch everyone you can.  Don't leave fish to find fish or you will be disappointed.

Good Luck

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