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Wrapping Rods as Something to Do

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I am stir crazy. I live in a retirement community at the most independent level.  The suggested guidelines for activity in the world are designed to protect us old farts. I understand and agree. When I go to the lake to fish by myself, upon my return, I get the stink eye.

Since the 1970's, I have built 30 to 40 rods for myself and others. Since March, I have built one rod and rebuilt another. I have the parts necessary to finish a third on the way. My rod box will be full and then some.

Here is my idea. If a few of you regulars want a new rod, tell me what you want it to do and what materials you want - type of guides, cork or Winn handles, spiral wrap or regular, micro guides or not, that sort of thing. I will order the components at regular consumer prices, wrap the rod and mail it, all for the amount it costs me. No labor charges.

I do not purport to be a professional, I do not do fancy wraps, I may even have a blemish in the product (although I do my best to avoid them). What I do wrap will be a functional, life long rod that does the job you had in mind exactly as you tell it to me.

I am interested in 1 to three requests.

DM me with details and a email address if you are interested.

BTW, you can buy a really good rod for the same price. The difference will be that when I finish, the rod will perform better than one purchased at the same price point. That is why I learned to wrap in the first place.

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About ten years? ago I built a light jig and worm rod on a Lamiglass blank. The copper color was different. I used Fuji guides. Two years ago one of those guides broke at the wrap. I took it to the house, promising myself I would rebuild it. In the meantime I replaced it, wrapping a new blank with Recoil guides.

I recently used a razor blade to remove the wraps and epoxy. That was easier said than done. Took the paint off the blank in more than one area.

I wrapped it without repainting the blank. This will be my backup rod and does not need to be pretty.





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