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The taney gathering of the minds

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6 hours ago, laker67 said:

are we talking wade or boat


Either one rick

 It would be an honor to fish with you even if it was in a swimming pool 😁

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21 hours ago, trythisonemv said:

Late July or the first part of October are good for me . July 26 or october 1 and 2nd . ...

Sounds great. Unfortunately we are in MO the next two weeks. Won''t  be able to be back at end of July. Oct might be tough as we'll. Would love to fish with some of the Taney regulars. Fished a couple times with @JestersHK which is always fun. Also fishing with @duckydoty is a great time ss well.

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7 hours ago, Jhoff said:

I'm interested, this would be awesome if my schedule allows.  I'm not near the fisherman any of you are but it would be great to learn.

I'm not near the fisherman and likely never will be to some of these characters either.  I have however learned and continue to learn when I get to fish with them. 

If you come down and want to night fish I'll give you the 1 fish guarantee same as I do for all my buddies I bring down lol.  You'll stand on a certain rock and if you follow my minimal casting and retrieval instructions you'll catch at least one fish. Guaranteed :)

I'm up to about a dozen guys who've caught their first night trout that I've brought down or met down there to chase fish in the dark using my fail proof method.



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