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lot of 6 cast iron skillets

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        Cleaned and restored and re seasoned.  3 single notch lodge circa 1930s a 5,6 and 8       3 three notch lodge circa 1940s-1960 a 3, 4 and a 7.DSC_0005.JPG     So you get a 3-8 . These are not your pre seasoned rough bottomed Lodge you buy now. They are however slick bottom. We are looking at a potential of 90 years old on three and 60 to 80 years on three of them. Perfect for camp or home use. DSC_0001.JPGDSC_0002.JPGDSC_0003.JPGDSC_0004.JPG


    If you are interested let me know. It is time for me to get rid of some. Asking 80 dollars for the set. Prefer to have picked up, meet you or deliver. No reason to add shipping and make this deal cost prohibitive.  

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Thanks for  quick reply.  Too far away, I am in STL.

Don't worry, I WILL have seconds thoughts on those fine looking cast iron frying pans!!!



Where would the pickup point be?





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16 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

Crap.  I was going to take them all.  Next time, please PM me.

Me too. I was going to counter $250. Oh well, maybe next time 😄

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