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Kim City - June 30 - mostly swimbait

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The fish are still biting the swimbait pretty good (best from daylight to 7:30). I normally use a 2.8 Big Bite SB with a 5/16 and 3/8oz jig head. The Big Bite SB is very impressive in regards to catching and durability. I have a topwater handy (spook) but it does not see much action. There are some good mornings where the fish are chasing on top but there are too many dinks. They are normally chasing one or two shad. A few big fish are mixed in, but few and far between. The swimbait and topwater bite I am referring to is in deep water (25ft to 75ft). I pay very little attention to the bank, most of the time my boat is in 45ft. I like to idle around and look for a combination of gizzard shad, white bass, and K's. It just seems they are normally suspended together over deep water. These fish can be anywhere (gravel points, coves, and creek channels). The gizzard shad will be breaking the surface from daylight to about 7:30. I also keep a spoon handy if I venture into water less than 35ft. I spend about 30 minutes each morning with the spoon and I have caught about 25 short walleye (12"-14") over the past 30 days and only 2 over 18", so the future walleye population may be very good. I just fish the morning hrs and last week I averaged 10 keepers per morning and yesterday I had 14 keepers and another 14 today. I do not use a drop shot, but after 7:30 I think a drop shot would be more productive than the swimbait. Also, a few LM are starting to show up with the K's.



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