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Travis Swift

A new Tip for drifting fishing Taneycomo.

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Something I discovered the last trip while drifting is called a "Carolina keeper".  They come in clear and red and are a hard rubber that you squeeze open with pliers and then when you get it where you want it it you release and it holds your weight in place.  So you just place your weight or swivel on the line then the Carolina Keeper and slide it up however far you want.  This means you only have one knot on the whole set up which is tied to your lure and your eliminating the need for 2 more knots with the swivel up above.  This also allows you to adjust the leader length as you want in a moments notice.  It doesn't crimp or damage the line like a split shot would either.   You can retie way way faster as well.  I used it both drifting scuds and small jerkbaits.  Anyhow a tip I wanted to pass along.  



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I've had some of these for some years. I use to fish carolina rig alot. The other day I was fishing a split shot with a finese worm. I always have trouble with the splitshot moving down  the line despite my best efforts to crimp it on. Put one of these on and it worked great.


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