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Best Northern Smallmouth Fisheries

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Booked a trip to Sturgeon Bay in early August. MLF convinced me. We booked a guide for the 1st day of the trip.

St Lawrence river on ESPN2 is on the next few days. The smallies are on steroids there. I heard Zona say Mike Tyson is going to fight Roy Jones Jr in September. Cover your ears Roy.

Susquehenna River!   Also, FWIW:  If I was going to fish one of these fisheries - any of the those mentioned here- I would certainly plan on getting a guide for at LEAST the first day of my

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Went to sturgeon bay last year. Weather made fishing tough but can see how it could be unreal. Look up sturgeon bay open results from last year and you’ll see. Average fish was 2-2.5lbs and caught a couple pushing 5lbs. I couldn’t imagine not having a guide though.

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Check out MLF live this week. The guys are fishing Sturgeon Bay and most are really wacking them! I would take a look at Sturgeon Bay as well as Mille Lacs in Minnesota. They are both amazing fisheries!

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Chequamegon Bay on lake Superior is one of the top destinations in the country for Huge Jaws.  Been catch and release for many  years.  There are simply schools of 5 lb. plus fish swimming in the entire bay.  Went last year and weather hit so bad we had to cancel our fishing trip.  Still enjoyed the region.

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7 hours ago, TrophyFishR said:

Mille Lac's & Sturgeon Bay are on the radar. Champlain & Thousand Islands for the longer trips. 

Doe's the MS River at LaCrosse, WI have smallmouth?

Those natural lakes in MN look to have smallmouth? 

Yes and yes! None will match size of the Jaws in the big waters. You just have to play the weather or you can't get out.

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