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Strong Summer Bite 7/24-7/27

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Its been a minute since I have posted in here and seems like forever since I have been fishing. Corona-Rona took away almost all of my senior season of bass fishing for Mizzou and made it one hell of a time to enter the job market. I was fortunate enough to get an offer to work for Marcus Sykora at State Farm and I have really enjoyed that so if any of you need any insurance give me a call (573)365-5088.

Any how I am getting married Aug. 8th so for my bachelor party a group of us went down to my favorite lake in the US that I have ever fished. Justin and I fished Friday the 24th . Caught 20ish fish with only 7 keepers but we lost a bunch of good fish in the morning. Those big KYs and smallmouth would knock the fire out of a 2.8 keitech scrubbing the bottom in like 15-20 foot in the morning. Once you hooked them those fish would shoot straight from the bottom to the surface and sky rocket out of the water. We never saw any schooling fish all week but every morning we would catch them shallower on the secondary points scrubbing a 2.8. We caught some fish later in the day drop shotting a morning dawn worm on rock piles but the morning bite was by far the best. Our best 5 for the day went around 12 pounds with all 3 species but we had the bites for a significantly better bag.


Saturday we caught them much better. Actually capitalized on the bites we got in the morning. We probably caught over 30 bass. We fished from sunrise till about 10:30 and then from like 6:30 till dark. Most of out better bites came in the morning. I caught 3 big smallies in the morning scrubbing a 2.8 on a secondary point. All of them 17.5-18.5 inches and at or around 3 pounds. We proceeded to struggle the rest of the morning till we finally fished deep dock cables. The deeper the cables the better they were. We caught a bunch of fish doing that. All spots but there were some nice ones on there. 16+ inch fish. Made it fun to catch numbers though. The deep cable fish bit all day too so it wasn't just a morning thing. Those fish bit that same 2.8 keitech about 30 foot deep. Our 5 fish limit was 14 pounds. We caught 11 keepers and 30ish fish in our 2 sessions; 8 in the morning and 3 in the evening.


Sunday we did the exact same thing and had similar results as Friday accept we only fished from sunrise till about noon. Missed some caught some but had a fun time. Caught more shorts and had another 11-12 pound limit. Caught them drop shotting the cables too on Sunday. Caught 25ish fish on Sunday. All in all a good overall bite for the summer. I feel like you can never expect the rock to be that good in July but I was please with being able to catch a limit every day. 


I am in the process of buying a house in Holts Summit and I am heading to Glacier national park for the honeymoon. Hoping to get on some grayling and big cutthroat on a fly rod out there. I'll be very much out of my element though lol


It was a fun trip with good friends I cant wait to do it again. Tight lines everyone.








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Its been a minute since I have posted in here and seems like forever since I have been fishing. Corona-Rona took away almost all of my senior season of bass fishing for Mizzou and made it one hell of

Or possibly, "her budget".  😄

maybe you can teach Marcus how to fish.  Good luck in your new adventures.

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2 hours ago, swelbo1 said:

What jig head were you using on your 2.8 Keitech?

A gamakatsu football head. They have a small hook that works really well on the 2.8

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13 minutes ago, Bassmeister said:

Sounds like me last year. Got married/honeymoon, new house, new job, new boat. Enjoy all the new in life and congrats! 

New boat is definitely going to have to be worked into my budget!

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