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Been fishing this week with live crawlers.  We have been finding bluegill on gravel runnouts at 25-30feet deep on the bottom.  Catching about 30 per day. Nice big eaters too about 9 inches.  Using whole live crawlers we're catching several keeper spots a day also.  Mostly 15-16 inches.  2 catfish also, 1 at 27 inches and the other at 24 inches, and 2 short walleyes about 14 inches.  I may go out trolling crankbaits and jigging spoons yet this week, but worms are working well and are easy.  Wt is about 88 degrees, I havent been seeing or catching many suspended fish.  A few around the bridge, but the gravel is much more productive.  Havent seen any schooling fish or white bass either.



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Thanks...it’s what we’ve been doing too.  Not using crawlers so not catching very many bluegill Or goggle eye...but catching enough spots to keep us wanting to go 

We’re trying to catch them with a jig In chunk rock mix...but not Having a lot of luck

going again in a minute...we’ve got poured on a couple times but we ain’t scared...✌️4D26E898-0CC9-46DD-9515-1261172DAACC.jpeg

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Caught another 15 gills this morning.  I'm tired of cutting fish! Took the kiddos out this morning.  Same deal, 25 deep just off the bottom of a long gravel point.  Caught several spots and snallnouths, another short walleye, and 5 catfish.  The catfish is a good time on light power spinning gear and 4# line. 




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We have been staying up near Big M this week.  Have seen just massive schools of gills off of gravel points at Viney Creek and Emerald beach.

Got into some better fish dropping flutter spoons on the outside of deep docks.  Hopefully we don’t get rained out tomorrow and we can get out again before we head home.

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Last morning to fish. 😫 more of the same.  Worms, gravel, 25fow.  Bass bluegill, and a walleye.  No cats today.  Until next summer when I'll be back doing the same thing in the same place. 


On a side note the spot lock trolling motor was a great investment.  I think we probably doubled our catch this year due to not blowing off the school in the chaos of 4 kids all hooked up at once lol. 



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