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Hoping to float tomorrow

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Hey guys, a buddy and I are hoping to float in the morning, haven't nailed down the section but I was thinking Galena to blunks. With the rain we've had this week I've been looking at the levels and I have a decent reference as far as the flow goes and it seems to still be alright but I know there's more to it than that. Is the height it's at right now anything to worry about to float down there tomorrow? I assume the water will be a little dirty but as of now it doesn't look that fast (online anyway). 



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Hey Seth, 

I know just a couple of weeks ago the water was still pretty much at the top of the ramp at the blunks. I think the lake level has a lot to do with the water in this area even though the galena gauge is reading average. I'm sure it's floatable, but there may not be the shoals visible that you are used to. Doesn't look like theres any significant increase in flow at the boaz gauge so I bet the water up river would be good too. 

Good luck buddy!


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I have taken a canoe out at Blunks before, I wouldn't think you should have any difficulties. Good luck and let us know how you did!

"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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We did Galena to blunks and had a good day. Only had 1 riffle that was too shallow and had to drag a bit. Probably had 30 fish between us multiple species. Rock bass, green sunfish, red ear, largemouth, smallmouth and my buddy even caught 2 walleye. One was good size, probably a little too short to keep and was caught on a chatterbait jackhammer. We caught probably 8 in the 13 to 15 inch range with majority between 10 and 12. Tender tube was the best bait, followed by a crankbait. Temperature was nice and we had cloud cover a lot of the day. Caught 4 smallmouth off one riffle and missed 2 more of they weren't the same fish. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I keep my phone tethered majority of the time. 





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