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"NEW" DOUBLE Deep Cup Spinnerbaits with hologram glitter

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NEW” Double Deep Cup Spinnerbaits with hologram glitter

from: www.jigs4bass.com

A great bait with quality components :
>Premium blades (from Worth) and the blades are balanced to the weight of the head. The head is powder painted and baked for durability and is of a baitfish design with 3D eyes.

>The frame is stainless steel and “R” bend for strength, flexibility and with maximum vibration.

> Premium full cut, 100% silicone skirt and is "wire tied" to prevent slippage and pull down.

>The premium blades are attached with a worth ball bearing swivel .. The gold standard for the industry.

>Available in weights:1/4, 3/8, 1/2, ¾ & 1 oz.

>And now a line with the addition of hologram glitter to add attraction and visibility in regular or low light conditions.
Charge your purchases at www.jigs4bass.com to Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express in addition to PayPal and direct payment with money order or personal check. When you visit my store at www.jigs4bass.com take a minute and register….it will make your next order much easier. Thanks …. Michael www.jigs4bass.com

$4.99 each! and made in the U.S.A. !

DSCN4602 - Copy.JPG

DSCN4593 - Copy.JPG

DSCN4606 - Copy.JPG

DSCN4607 - Copy.JPG


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