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So I've read enough of the past forums to know that this Lake Springfield has got some great bass to be had. Couldn't find any on my first outing but it's got all the makings of a great bass lake/river.

Most of the reports talk about targetting steeper bluff banks and/or fishing in the channel...since I'm definitely not a good deep water fisherman, I'd love to learn from someone who knows what they're doing. Most all of my experiences growing up bass fishing in Minnesota are all frog fishing in the lilleys and throwing spinnerbaits along shallow grasslines. 

If anyone would be willing to show me how to deep crank, fish jigs, or what to throw along these bluff banks I would love to get out on the kayaks with you sometime.

Shoot me a message!

Have a great week!

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Been a while since I've fished it, but here's what I remember...

Fish can be found scattered through just about anywhere on the lake. The toughest stretch of water I ever found on that little lake was from the old boat ramp (under 65) up to the highway 60 bridge. I rarely caught fish in this area (which I think was just due to the overwhelming pressure from the bank and from kayak/canoes. Lower in the lake always seemed to be better. The "deepwater" fishing isn't all that deep (probably something to keep in mind). In a lot of spots, the deep water was no more than 8-10 feet, but because of how shallow some of the other areas are, it made it feel pretty darn deep.

What I do remember from the lake was what structure they seemed to relate to. Bass seemed to relate well to two things - rocks and grass. I caught a few here and there off wood, but the two aforementioned seemed to be the ticket. Grass next to a deeper water drop (i.e. where the channel runs, seemed to hold more fish, especially if you could get some shade mixed in.

The other thing about Springfield is the bait type. It's been mentioned on here before, I'm sure, but look for something different. Again - it's been years ago, but I'd throw some of the most unconventional finesse things on that lake. And early morning hours are hands down the best. Get there and on the water before dawn if you can.

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. ~Washington Irving

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Head up river  (East) from the boat house about 1/2 a mile till you see a small tributary on your left (North). I will usually start working the mouth of the creek with a 3XD crankbait or finesse worm. From here keep working east along the bluff wall till you hit the bend where another creek comes in from the conservation area. It will open up here quite a bit. The creek channel follows the bluff pretty tight, but don't skip the flat across from it. From here you will see the old train bridge by the cemetery. This whole stretch from the flat/bluff to the old 65 boat ramp has produced for me year after year. Hope this helps, and good luck!!

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