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On 9/9/2020 at 1:41 PM, bferg said:

I'd start on main lake gravel run outs with the following on the deck:

1.  Topwater of choice

2.  Keitech swim bait

3.  Spoon

4.  Drop Shot


Really good advice. For the spoon, try a 3/4 to 1 ounce Binks or War Eagle in any color so long as it is white or mostly white.

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White Buzz bait or a white whopper plopper 90 series, seems to be the ticket right now along with a dixie jet if you see fish chasing.  Fish the baits right on the bank, best to parallel if possible.  If the bait gets 10'from the bank recast it and keep it close.  No bank is to steep or to flat, they are where you find them. 

Have a small jig ready 3/8th. to 1/2 oz. for any misses on the topwater and quickly cast the jig back to the spot of the miss.  Color on the jig and trailer doesn't seem to matter.

There are some drop shot "Live Bait Fish" 24' to 35' on main lake and creek arm gravel.   They are not fond of soft plastic but will bite any live bait in limited numbers per area.  If you don't see shad or fish, don't waste time on the drop shot.  These fish are getting ready as Bo. said to get out of Dodge.

Good Luck

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