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12 hours ago, jdmidwest said:

Firefox and no ads.  Most of the banners and everything else gone.

Ads - they're all over my screen.  Played with the settings a long time ago, then tried to dial them back because it seemed they were overbearing.  I seemed everything I tried I couldn't get rid of most of them except turning them all off.  I don't think I'm making any more money by having them all up...  I'll  try to get rid of some of them again and see what happens.

I could try to change the skin...

This was a "major" upgrade with lots of new additions.  But I should have learned... if it's not broke, don't fix it.  It was fine the way it was.  But I can't go back now.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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I miss the ladies underwear adds.  😁

Light and small print for these old eyes.

Looks better a few miles from your place. Table Rock State Park for the next few days for me. Ads are back. Popping good on my hotspot and tablet. Page loads good

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