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9 hours ago, tjm said:

The guy is a retired MD and has been a fly fishing guru for forty years, teaches it at some university, very rare he makes a mistake and he was all over a hero that "caught his first trout on fly" with release;   said the muscles all relax causing the pupil to center  or something (iirc he gave the Latin for the cause) but every picture I've looked at it seems to hold true.  I know from my days as fur trapper that eyes change completely at death, it's how you can be sure a critter don't "wake up" half way home. takes about ten seconds.

Might sound morbid I saw it in both my parents Before they eventually died.  They both declined slowly and I noticed it the last few days.  

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Maybe they are embarrassed at being caught, and don't wanna make eye contact?

Seen a post on FB, showing some young men from Republic High fishing team reeled this in on the rock this weekend.    

Koi.  The faded color, tattered fins, and glazed-over eye makes it look like its been dead awhile?

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