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I mentioned this on today's One Cast but thought I'd write it out here.  It's somewhat interesting.

Yesterday the fishing was just fishing, no catching.  No one hardly.  We had some video work done for a commercial and tried to catch some picture fish for it... I fished most of the morning without a bite.  Blake even tried behind the dock and only caught one.

I took a DO reading at the dock - 3.6 ppm.  58 degrees.  Not good.  Took several more in different locations - no better than 3.9.  They started running water, 2 units.  I boated to the dam and took another readying - 3.7 ppm.  Still not good.  Catching improved but only slightly.  I sent all the readings to Shane Bush (MDC fisheries biologist).  He was concerned.

Not sure if he called someone at the Corp but the Corp caught it and changed how they run water.  Shane forwarded me this email this morning - 

During generation at Table Rock yesterday, the tailwater DO dropped to 4 mg/l at around 128 MW.  Based on that the new RMGR for Table Rock is 64% nameplate, 32 MW per unit, without injection. 

So my guess - and that is all it is - is that the Corp had not been injecting liquid oxygen and caught it, changing the nameplate.  Now they can and will run water at 32 MW without injecting O2 but if they run more, then they'll have to inject.

Already seeing a change in fishing today.  I got 4.9 this morning at the dock and up by Lookout.

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That is really interesting, i'm glad you caught it.  Last week with the water off I thought the fish we caught were the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught in Taney and you know how much I come down.  Some of them put the best acrobatic show on of any fish I have ever caught as well jumping way out of the water but it took forever to get fish in the boat, especially up top as they just wouldn't give up.  I'm guessing the running water this week was oxygen starved though.  Good info Phil

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